Economic empowerment

Creating projects and improving the level of income through loyal donations

we empower women to create economic opportunities and improve their income level.

Our case is one

Women's issues concern ourcause as well

Because women's issues mean society's issues, we are working to advocate for fair women's issues and we are keen to build capacities and empower women and girls.

Safe society

We create a safe world for women and girls because they deserve it

Cooperating with the concerned authorities to create a safe society devoid of violence. We are working to promote moral values in society.

We stand together for a better world

Every act of charity is a stepping-stone to heaven

We collect donations to help women, create social, economic and legal opportunities for them, integrate them into society and defend their rights.



what do we do ?

We tend to make our world a safer place for women.

Problem Solving
Identifying the problems of Syrian women, girls and boys and seeking solutions.
Create protection
Protecting Syrian women, girls, and boys from gender-based violence, and working to promote moral values in society.
Looking for cooperation opportunities
Cooperate with local and foreign organizations and bodies that share the same goals, including Turkish organizations, to facilitate the process of integrating and adapting Syrian women, girls and boys into the Turkish host society.
50+More than 50 projects
2006We started a year ago
15000More than 15,000 beneficiaries

Our projects

Our projects are endless 


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We will help widowed women in the Syrian camps and provide them with psychological and material support

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Our volunteers

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Donate now

To help women continue to live a safe and healthy life

We invest our energies and resources in order to help create a healthy and safe life for women in society.

Help them

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In the name of an institution : RABITA SURİYELİ KADIN DERNEĞİ

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"Syrian women amaze me with their ability to be patient and sacrifice
I have had many stories of women who had a great role in keeping their children from being lost and homeless and being good in society.
Lubaba Tayfour - Executive Director - Syrian Women Association

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